13th of December 2019

We want to inform you that after a strong effort from the entire Nacreous team we were finally able to have the coin admitted to a TOP 10 exchange and the Coin to be quoted in COINCODEX with its actual value.

Unfortunately, as we had already reported on April 16 this year, many Nacreous have been fraudulently obtained, and the people who have done so are the ones who are selling coins for a few cents, trying with this edited action to harm those who invested seriously and believed in the project.

Anyone who is selling coins at this value deep down confirms our suspicions of fraudulently obtaining it and they will all be identified and exposed to the community as they are not worthy of any respect.

Whoever invested his capital in Nacreous and paid, is not committing this suicidal behavior!
As mentioned in the past, we reiterate that all investors who have invested in Nacreous Coin and have paid to the Nacreous Coin account made available to ICO investors that those Nacreous in tranches of 5000 Nacreous Coin will be exchanged for Gold or Cash certificates of deposit.

Investors who have no proof of this payment will not be able to exchange Nacreous for certificates of deposit in gold or cash and unfortunately can do what they are doing in exchanges for nothing because they have not invested!

The project is not going to die for this vile and sad attack; the ones who invested deserves our respect and effort to push it forward.

16. April 2019

1. Because several blogs pass information that does not correspond to the reality regarding the exchange of coins Nacreous Coin by Certificates of Deposit, Gold Bars or Cash directly in our services, we need to inform for full clarification: The first phase of exchanging coins for Certificates of Deposit or Gold Bars or Cash occurred during the month of March this year according to our whitepaper, by the end of this year we will open a new window for anyone with 5K of Nacreous Coin to exchange them by Certificates of Deposit, Gold Bars or Cash. We further inform that the coins that were obtained fraudulently and unfortunately we have some cases which will be subject to an analysis and will be put out of circulation and will not be accepted in the exchanges.

2. We have hereby informed that we have reached an agreement with tradebytrade and it will cease trading with the Nacreous Coin. Soon will be announced a top exchange that will trade Nacreous Coin.

03.December 2018

We are pleased to announce that as of December 6 Nacreous Coin is available on the tradebytrade platform.

To purchase or sell Nacreous Coin you must use the platform now available at

10. November 2018


For moral, ethical, professional and deep respect for our investors, partners, employees and the general public, we are reporting that the partnership with Tabarak Investment Capital Ltd (Bank) in Dubai ends here.

I want to thank Dr. Ahamdi CEO / Founder of Tabarak very personally for the collaboration and support provided as we worked together and wish the bank the whole success of the World in its journey that I hope and wish to be fruitful.

As a result of this discontinuation of this partnership with Tabarak, we must inform that we will anticipate one of the investments foreseen in our road map, which is the creation of our own bank. Since the beginning of the project several steps have been taken in line with the Nacreous project and we are glad to inform you that we already open our own bank in USA.

Nacreous Coin will continue to have full backing through gold deposit certificates as from the start of the project. The certificates will be issued and securitized by one of the banking partners with whom we work.

The rules for redeeming currencies remain, so an investor who collects 5000 Nacreous coins and according to our calculation formula that can be consulted in the whitepaper, can request the remission of the same by a certificate of deposit or by physical gold and in receive the equivalent in Euros or Dollars for their Nacreous.

To do this, simply contact us with the request of the intended, so that we can operationalize your desire with the bank partner in a short space of time that will not exceed the 7 bank days.

Because we are governed by rules of transparency, honesty and rigor, we will send all investors registered with ICO an email with this information and ask them to take a position on your investment with a simple question for two possible answers:

Are you interested in continuing with your investment in Nacreous coin? Yes or no

If the answer is Yes, everything goes as planned and we appreciate the increased confidence in the Nacreous project.

If the answer is no, The initial investor should indicate the bank account to which the initial investment should be returned and we will do so on the days underlying it.

For Investors who do not want to continue the investment, a word of appreciation and understanding and an eternal thank you for believing in us.

Araujo Monteiro

Head of Nacreous Coin Project

07. November 2018

Firstly, we would like to thank all the investors who believe in our project and have demonstrated it in the very short term phase of ICO.

We would also like to inform you that we are delayed in entering the exchanges due to technical issues of the coin itself which we are dealing to solve the issues together with the partners.

Thank you in advance for the patience of all investors and we inform you that in a few days we will use this medium to finally announce the exchanges and we will do it individually by email for each and every one of you.